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多浸立會五十年,牽引著我們的,是神的大愛與大能,每一回事工,滲入了神無盡的恩典, 每一個見證,綻放著一個奇蹟。眾多弟兄姊妹愛主事奉上的勞苦,載滿了主的眷佑和帶領, 展示了神的豐盛與信實。教會在華埠的福音工作,植堂和支持外地的宣教,都是神的作為。 我們感恩,我們驚訝,我們讚美!

Toronto Chinese Baptist Church
50th Anniversary

Fifty Years of God’s Abundant Blessings

Praise God for His amazing grace in the past 50 years through the ministry of TCBC! We have witnessed people coming to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Brothers and sisters have dedicated loving efforts to spread the Gospel and to build up one another. Mission churches were planted. Missionaries were sent overseas. God is great. He is worthy of our praises!


我必賜福給你 …. 你也要呌別人得福 …. 地上的萬族都要因你得福。
創世記 12:2-3

教會為慶祝五十周年,期望信徒在信心和愛心上追求成長,同心尋求神的旨意,得神喜悅, 被神使用。不僅為過去的恩典充滿感謝,更思想教會如何成為鄰舍的祝福,你我成為神手中施福 的器皿。

We are called to bless

I will bless you … And you will be blessing … All the peoples on earth will be blessed through you!
Gen. 12:2-3

As we celebrate God’s many blessings, we render to Him our gratitude. At the same time we pray for renewal. His blessing to us is for the purpose that we may share with others. Pray that the Lord will continue to guide us that we will live a life pleasing to Him and be a blessing to our family, friends and community.


神呼召亞伯拉罕離開本地本族父家,往神指示的地方去,神應許祝福他,使他成為地上萬族的祝 福。亞伯拉罕順服起行,在他所走的旅程上,有蒙福的日子,亦有困難,挑戰和失敗。但亞伯拉 罕在各處留下堅心對神信靠的遺跡,在各處築壇獻祭,求告神的名。讓我們同心仰望那為我們信 心創始成終的耶穌,敬畏拯救我們偉大的主宰,迎向神所引領的將來,更成為神施褔的器皿!

Blessed to bless

God called Abraham to leave his hometown and travel to the land that He will lead him. God blessed Abraham. He promised him that all the people on earth will be blessed through him. Abraham obeyed. He followed God’s guidance. Throughout Abraham’s days, he experienced God’s blessings. He also encountered challenges, difficulties and even failures. Along Abraham’s earthly journey, he left behind signs of his faith. He piled up stones, altars of prayer and offering. He came to the presence of God for strength and guidance. In the same way, Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith. Let us look to Him for all our tomorrows. He will bless us and make our lives a blessing to others.

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